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Exhibitions Reviews and Published Work

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Exhibitions Reviews and Published Work

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UK and International Exhibitions

  • Sue Rankin Gallery, London
  • A.S. Fine Art, London Orientalist Collages
  • Thumb Gallery, London
  • Thumb Bath Festival
  • Steven Bartlay, London
  • Milne and Moller, London
  • Chelsea Arts Club
  • Pentagramme Gallery, London
  • “Torn Light” Collage Exhibition
  • La Bottega Trastevere, Rome
  • Collage Exhibition “Reflections in Rome Windows”
  • Mairie de S.Giovanni, Corsica
  • Terre et Fils Prunete, Corsica
  • Bastia Studio, Corsica
  • Calvi Prix d’Europe award Exhibition, Corsica
  • Chicago World Tattoo Gallery
  • Paris Pottery exhibition
  • Carol Conrich, London
  • Annual “Artist for the Day” Exhibitions
    at the Portal Gallery, Dover Street and New Cavendish Street, London


  • Portrait images on file at the National Portrait Gallery, London
  • Collage images with the Connigsby Gallery, London
  • Portrait of Emelia Fox for the BBC drama production “Other Peoples Children”

Reviews and Published Work

  • Corriere della Sera, Rome
  • Corse Matin, Cosica
  • Nice Matin
  • Mail on Sunday “That’s no Rubens
    that’s my Wife”
  • Il Messagero, Italy
  • London Art Guide
  • Picture This, Around London
  • Wanted in Rome
  • Magazine Illustration
  • Books, including:

The Body in Rhyme by Mim Hain

“…I wrote this when doing a course on Anatomy and Physiology, training as a Massage therapist. I decided rhyming would be a helpful way to remember information …my teacher thought I was mad!” -more

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